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What are the benefits of Direct Mail Marketing?

May 9, 2021 by admin

Direct Mail & Digital are match made in heaven

Every great marketing strategy uses an omni-channel approach with multiple channels and does not put all efforts into one. Aligning Direct Mail as part of our broader marketing strategy can give you the edge over your competitors. 

With current COVID QR codes popularity, you can create your own QR codes on the printed direct mail piece which can be scanned by the end user for a digital experience. Additionally as soon as they visit the website

  • You can track them in your online metrics and measure the effectiveness of the direct mail piece
  • You can re-target these audiences again in your marketing channels with custom audience lists.

Wide Targeting Options available for Direct Mail Marketing

With options to target household size, estimated household income, age demographic and then geographically segmenting to regions, cities, suburbs or areas, you have many options to segment your targeting for the mailer delivery.

A recent mailing we did was for households in affluent areas modelled to have high school ages kids.

Business to Business (B2B) targeting options go even further. We can target specific industries, job titles, company size, estimated turnover.

For example we can purchase a mailing, telephone and email database for

  • Builders in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch
  • Finance Managers in companies nationwide with 100+ staff
  • IT Managers in SME's in the North Island.

Direct Mail is easy to track

Yes, many people have misconceptions that Direct mailers are hard to track. The tracking for these are different to the digital platforms where every click is recorded. You can

  • Have a unique phone number that is only available on your direct mailers and record how many times it rings.
  • Create a unique URL on the current website to divert these audiences such as and track the metrics for how many users landed on this page directly.
  • Create a personalised landing page for each recipient that allows you to know who exactly has visited from your mailing. We can then capture more information from them, validate the information you have with prefilled forms, collect survey information and so much more. These can also be linked to from QR codes on your mail pice.
  • With current data from Google, if you meet the threshold you should be able to review if the direct mail increased your store visits for a particular period when you sent the direct mailers.

Direct Mail is less common

Direct mail is a less competitive marketing channel which only selective businesses run as part of their marketing strategies. This can give you an edge over your competitors who are highly invested in only one channel. 

Direct mail is tangible and personal

Getting a brochure or special offer in your hand, delivered to your mailbox has a different feeling attached to it than just looking at it online amongst hundreds of others. The coupon gives a reason for the end user to visit the store physically for redemption, and another chance for you to convert first time customers to recurring sales by providing the best customer service and product.

A beautifully printed brochure in the hands of your ideal customer gives you a few minutes uninterrupted with your brand so show them what you have to offer.

If you have any questions on how direct mail marketing can work for your company, talk to us. Give us a call on 09 308 1510

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