Building your customer database

If you have customers and contacts then you have the beginnings of a great database. In fact, you probably have a wealth of valuable information about your clients that used correctly can bag you more business for your buck.

With the help of a great database you can retain business and build customer loyalty, personalise communications, up sell or cross sell services, track and follow new business leads, and follow through on networking contacts.

The trick is to capture as much information as possible about your clients or leads. Got a name, title, company, physical and postal address. Great! How about adding in an email? This gives you another channel to get your message across. Start adding in information such as gender, age, purchase history, lifestyle factors or anything else you can think of and you enhance your personalisation options and increase the chances of getting the right message to the right people.

You can manage your list in Excel, however we recommend using a dedicated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. You’ll be able to share your database across your team, track interactions with your contacts, easily group contacts together (e.g. customers, prospects, leads), export lists for your marketing activities plus so much more.

There are plenty of CRM systems on the web. We’ve done a fair bit of research and have taken a shine to Capsule CRM. It’s simple, powerful, cost effective ($12 per user per month for the professional version with a 30 day free trial) and easy to use.

If you’d like a hand setting up your CRM system give us a call.

Remember, effective targeting will improve the success rates of your communications while saving you money. Send out less but send it out right.

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