Cut the Crap – Why an increase in postage makes for better marketing opportunities

Poor old New Zealand Post – letter volumes keep falling and even your grandmother is using email but the cost of transportation, processing and delivering letters will keep going up. As of 1st July 2012 the cost to post a medium size letter will increase by 10c and all other postal services increased along with it. A full list of price increases can be found here:

The consequences of rising costs means the traditional big mailers, such as the banks / telcos / utility companies, are increasingly switching to digital methods for their essential mail (invoicing and statements) with many others following suit.

This is not a doom and gloom story.

For the clever marketer a price rise isn’t a bad thing. You just need to look at things a little differently.

We’re thinking shorter run personalised DM packs, highly targeted mailing lists, integration with other mediums and real offers to real consumers.

And the bonus of this? You’re spending the same, but you’re sending to an audience more likely to respond while still generating a solid return on marketing investment.

Mail less, get more. Simple huh?

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