Some would have you believe mail is dead – How wrong could they be?

The recent move by NZ Post to cut its economy rate international mailing service has caused some sensationalist commentators to proclaim ‘mail is dead!’ However, the smart marketer will realise that, rather than an antiquated art form, mail is now providing a better than ever opportunity to get your message heard.

It comes down to potential for creativity and saturation of message. Sure, email marketing can be cost effective – but what’s your open rate? How many companies are trying to compete for the same time and attention that you are? What’s your reaction to the large numbers of marketing messages that flood your own inbox on a daily basis? The email marketing channel is one that is swiftly being destroyed by spammers.

Often the person reading their email is in the middle of a busy work day. They are time poor and will give your email a quick glance, if they open it at all. Why not deliver your message in an environment where your target is relaxed with a message format that’s a little harder to get rid of?

The potential of mail is huge. The possibilities for creativity, personalisation and even integration with an online campaign are limited only by your imagination. Data lists targeting a specific area, demographic, or lifestyle are easily available, as are lists of customers new to your area.

Remember that we live in a world with a lot of noise and need to be that little bit smarter if we want our messages to be heard above the rest. Stop before you send that next email and ask yourself ‘could we be doing this better?’

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